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International Clients Optimization Plans

Exclusively for clients outside the USA who cannot travel to Dr. O'Mara:

International Introductory Plan - $2500

  • One-hour virtual consultation via Zoom.
  • Evaluation of existing MRI or CT scans of the abdomen to assess visceral fat.
  • Assessment of brain MRI, MRA for potential arterial diseases (if such scans are available).
  • Examination of lower extremities/thighs MRI for myosteatosis, sarcopenia, osteopenia, or osteoporosis.
  • Access to the "48 Strategies for Biological Optimization," a comprehensive plan for visceral fat reversal, and microbiome enhancement.
  • Specific guidance for optimization, with recommendations for future follow-ups and rescanning.
  • Inclusion in Dr. O'Mara's online client community, connecting with others globally who are on the path to biological optimization.
  • Assistance in ordering MRI scans in your country. We can provide an order form to facilitate obtaining MRIs in your country. Clients will bear the costs and make the arrangements. (Note: MRI pricing is typically market-driven.)
  • Future opportunities to connect, at additional costs, with visceral fat reduction specialists or directly with Dr. O'Mara for ongoing consultations as per client requirements.

International Introductory Plan (Excluding MRI Review) - $1500

One-hour consultation encompassing all of the above, excluding the review of any MRI or CT scans. This option is suitable for those aiming to biologically optimize but lacking access or means to undergo scanning.

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