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We start with a single goal: biological optimization

We biologically optimize humans through innovative, safe, and natural lifestyle strategies shown to be more effective than medications. We OPTIMIZE, rather than just treating. Dr. O’Mara’s practical, hands-on approach provides clients with the solutions they NEED.


Get to know your enemy:
Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is a deadly precursor to chronic disease—the leading cause of death in the U.S. After working with thousands of people, we find the most effective plan starts with a visual: your MRIs. There is no number on a sheet of paper that motivates you the way an MRI of your Visceral fat can. You have to see it to believe it—some clients actually faint when they see their scan. And unlike other invasive tests, imaging techniques or scans, MRIs are completely safe, making them ideal for tracking progress over time.


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After your conversation with Dr. O'Mara and purchase an optimization plan, we schedule an elective 'for cash' MRI at our local facility in Minneapolis, MN. This will be coordinated around your initial consultation with Dr. O’Mara and your travel availability.

During the consultation, you and Dr. O'Mara will review your MRI scans and determine what protocol is right for you and how to implement it.

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